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Rediscover Tea – A Personal Tale

I matured in a tea farm concerning 20 miles from Taimu Mountain in eastern Fujian district of China. Fujian is one of the major tea expanding areas in China. The famous Oolong tea Iron Siren (aka Connection Kuan Yin) is from southern Fujian. Taimu Mountain is the origin of the unique White tea.

I invested the majority of my early youth in a tea ranch with my moms and dads as well as three bros and a sister along numerous other families and also their lively kids.

The farm is huge with two separate places on 2 various mountains several miles apart. Aside tea expanding as well as refining, the farm likewise grew plants and also raised boars. The farm was state had. The majority of the workers were young solitary males and female. A few of them simply finished from secondary schools. This is while of Cultural Change when every grad was sent to a remote ranch to learn from the manual labor. For a lot of children, there was no chance to head to university back then. All of us resided in the same apartment building and also shared a huge dinning hall. It resembled a huge household.

As a youngster, I went to the tea yard with my mom and also other women to pluck the tea leaves throughout the day. My daddy who was the accountant examined and also weighed the fallen leaves at the workshop. The females were paid according to the weight of the leaves they plucked. Night time was when the tea processing began. The ranch primarily created green teas. The handling included the drying out of tea leaves by shooting and frying. The process was continued overnight. The workers relaxed in the mid evening as well as had treats, normally a dish of congee or noodle. I in addition to various other youngsters would remain late up until it was snack time to ensure that we obtained our share. It is not since we aided in any way; it was even if we were youngsters. Times, we also slept in the workshop. We would take a big linen bag used for saving tea leaves and used it as a resting bag. One evening, my cousin tied my older sibling’s bag while he was resting sound. In the future, my bro got up as well as attempted to go to washroom and can not go out. However, he wet himself.

After tea leaves were processed, several of them became damaged. The busted items should be separated out form the whole fallen leaves manually. I would join my mommy and also other women in this effort. Picking out the smaller sized damaged items was a meticulous manual process and required a great deal of eyes and hands control. The faster one can select, the extra she would certainly deal with and also the even more she would certainly earn money. The result was checked to make certain the tea is without damaged items.

Our farm was not a tea refinery where teas are additional processed as well as packaged for final circulation to stores. The crude teas were moved by feet from the farm to a refinery in the community many miles away. This was the moment when we got to select to go to the town and also get our hair cuts, get excellent snacks as well as get commercial items made in huge as well as popular cities like Shanghai.

I moved to my house community regarding 30 miles away to cope with my grandparents as well as to participate in college when I had to do with 8 years of ages. Since then, I just saw the ranch throughout the summer season break.

Chinese people identify tea as one of the 7 needs of living. Every family, bad or abundant, a single person or several generations under the roof covering, all have tea as well as utilize it as a method of receiving and also entertaining guests. It is a customized that you greet a visitor with a bowl of warm tea. The majority of times some residence made treats are also served together with the tea. There was no soda, no ice cream when I was a kid. Only tea and also the well-mannered receptions I got from various other families as I saw them. Those minutes remain in my sweet memories as well as are quite missed as I now live a contemporary life in the industrialized culture loaded with all type of gadgets and also gismos together with the rapid and also convenient soft drinks and gelato, thousands of miles away from where I am from.

I pertained to the states at the end of 1990 as a graduate student. Since then I have actually signed up with countless people below in the quest of success. I operated at one work to another, moved from one city to another. I increased one youngster to and also now two and tried to make the ends meet. Soda had actually taken the place of tea with its benefit when the fast-paced living leaves me with no time and also no state of mind for tea. I had no tea for around 15 years up until two years back when I went to see my residence town as well as restored some teas. Now I am rejoined with tea as well as started taking pleasure in and also learning more concerning it.

Tea takes me residence each and every day with its refreshing as well as reflective aroma as well as preference, even though I am seas and also continents aside from my origin.